About Jason

A writer, web developer, futurist, and mental health advocate, Jason juggles many passions - a feat that not only fuels his curiosity but also keeps him forever young. From crafting compelling narratives and developing user-friendly web solutions to pondering the future and advocating mental health awareness, Jason's multifaceted interests create a beautiful mosaic that is his life.

Jason's penchant for diversity doesn't end there. He also loves to straddle different cultures and landscapes. Currently commuting between the United States and the Philippines, he soaks in the vibrant experiences of both worlds, reflecting them in his work.

At home, Jason is the proud father of five wonderful kids, two of whom share his Philippine adventures. He's also a loving husband. His family is his inspiration and driving force, infusing his endeavors with warmth, love, and humor.

Join Jason on his journey as he explores the various hues of life, sharing valuable insights, heartwarming stories, and a dash of tech wizardry along the way. Enjoy the ride!